Hand Rehabilitation Glove

Product Details

  • Gloreha Professional has been designed for intensive use in hospitals and rehab centres. It can treat many patients per day with minimal supervision.
  • Gloreha has been on sale in Italy since late 2011, and now it is used in dozens of hospitals and rehab centres in Italy, with usage spreading worlwide.
  • Therapists using Gloreha report that it is a very practical device, helping them treat several patients with different diseases, both neurological and orthopedic, with very good patient compliance.
  • Using Gloreha in clinic rehab increases the intensity and time of traditional treatment, being no less effective than hand-made therapy.
  • Gloreha is a flexible tool for therapists. It can be applied during any phase of rehabilitation, with different goals and protocols according to the specific patient
  • circumstances:
  • Intensive mobilization
  • Action Observation Therapy
  • Augmented reality
  • Active participation
  • Global rehabilitation
  • Functional tasks
  • Bimanual therapy
  • Proprioceptive exercises