KINAPSYS(Solution for Rehab Gaming)

Product Details

  • KINAPSYS provides comprehensive patient care, from the beginning of rehabilitation to the integration of specific movements.
  • The exercises are divided by body parts (upper limb, spine, lower limb) and the practitioner can adjust the range of motion. Specific protocols are provided for each stage of the rehabilitation process. The PT also has the power to create unique management programs that can be adapted to the needs of each individual patient by choosing among 425 exercises.
  • Kinapsys is divided into three main parts, all with dedicated aims:
  • Rehabilitation: Treat pathologies, recover range of motion, reintroduce a function.
  • Reinforcement: Organize the follow-up of a post-traumatic patient, fitness, develop the cardio-muscular skills, encourage the introduction of physical activities
  • Specific work: address pathologies frequently seen in physiotherapy, develop new skills for the practitioner: coaching, group session