Microwave Therapy Pulsed & Continuous

Product Details

  • Pulsed and Continuous Mode: The PM-810+ offers both Pulsed and Continuous modes, non-thermal therapy with pulsed mode and thermal therapy with continuous mode. Note: A Continuous mode is available on the PM-810+, and not on the PM-820
  • New Type Applicator: A new applicator intermediate in size between the conventional Circular and Rectangular applicators, was designed specifically for clinical applications for dramatically improved convenience. Users no longer need to change the applicator, even when using applicators for different purposes or in different treatment areas
  • Space-saving Design: The unit is 12cm narrower and 6cm shallower than products in the PM-800 series, with volumes reduced by as much as 65%. The smaller dimensions give the unit a sleek look, even when installed in a small, cramped treatment room
  • New Alternate Oscillation Mode: (available on the PM-820 only) Advantages of alternate oscillation mode - Two patients can be treated simultaneously and the treatment area and related nerves can be irradiated simultaneously, reducing treatment time and creating synergistic effects