Aquabike Easy Line

Product Details

  • Aquabike Easy Line
  • The Easy Line Aquabike is made of marine stainless steel (Italian AISI 316L), innovatively designed for ergonomic positioning, and crafted for optimum performance.
  • HANDLEBARS: Adjustable upward and downward with an inclination that allows correct height alignment.
  • SADDLE: Adjustable allowing right height alignment. Gel saddle for extra comfort.
  • PEDALS: Pedals and central pin rotate on synthetic self-lubricated supports which require no maintenance and give the central movement fluid, continuous motion.
  • RESISTANCE: Determined by two polygonal profiles under the pedals, designed to give constant resistance when pedaling. Resistance will also increase with speed.
  • BASE: covered with double anti ski rubber protection for better floor adhesion. Adjustable for pool depth and to account for any sloping. Safe on all types of pool floors including ceramic tile, mosaic, and PVC.