Product Details

  • 3D decomposition of the movement : The results display the amplitudes of movement on 3 axis which allows to track the movements of compensation.
  • Comparison : The possibility of repeating analyses shows easily the evolution of the patient.
  • Side comparison : BioVal allows to compare the movements of the right and the left limbs.
  • Proprioception : Limb repositioning tests and exercises allow to estimate and rehabilitate the proprioception.
  • Movement Recovery
  • The exercises are gathered by objective. This facilitates the preparation of sessions and the practitioner can target the exercises matching the patient and his pathology.
  • Amplitude : The rehabilitation of the movement consists of multiple objectives and the first one would be the joint amplitude.
  • Neurology : The rehabilitation with visual feedback done with BioVal, allows to act on the nervous system and to facilitate the relearning.
  • Precise movement : Because the definition of the movement cannat be reduced to the amplitude, BioVal allows to practice precision and control.
  • Proprioception : BioVal allows a better perception of the movements thanks to the visual feedback.
  • Performance : Especially for sports people, it is important to recover a successful and effective movement. The settings of the exercises allow to adjust the difficulty and thus the rehabilitation to ali kind of patient