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Physiotherapy for Motorcyclists

Physiotherapists are highly educated healthcare professionals who help people function and thrive in spite of disabilities, recover from accidents and injuries and live an overall healthy lifestyle. They accomplish this by administering manual therapy, creating/facilitating patient exercise regimes and educating individuals on how to get and stay fit.

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Four Reasons Why Physios are Indispensible

When you suffer an injury and are in serious pain, where do you go? Does Doctor Google come calling? Perhaps YouTube? Do you seek advice from a friend? Or do you seek out a professional? Only a professional can provide the assessment you need when in pain.

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Anyone who has ever sustained a back injury knows just how debilitating it can be. Radiating pain, weakness, frustration, constant fear of injury aggravation -- all these feelings may become part of daily life. The good news? A non-traditional modality is showing promise in helping to alleviate back pain: therapeutic taping.

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