FUSION Freestanding Pool Treadmill

Product Details

  • FUSION Freestanding Pool Treadmill
  • The FUSION Free Standing pool treadmill is designed to sit on existing pool floors. The addition of a free standing treadmill dramatically expands the functions of a pool to incorporate the advantages of upright hydrotherapy. Great for basic rehabilitation, or for improving mobility, fitness, confidence and wellbeing.
  • HYDRO PHYSIO FUSION Free Standing is a user friendly asset to any pool. The assistive treadmills can be utilised from very low speeds to aid disadvantaged or elderly users. Multiple installations within one pool can create a gym environment resulting in increased enthusiasm and fitness. The recommended water depth above belt is between 1.0m and 1.3m, dependent on proposed usage (this should be specified by physiotherapist/trainer). The FUSION Free Standing is registered in the UK as a Class 1 Medical Device.