RM Feedback Platform Visual feedback to rehabilitate the recovery

Product Details

  • RM.Feedback Platform uses a pressure platform to follow and to describe the movements of the body by recording the displacement of the center of pressure. This recording allows to determinate the patient's limits of stability in ali directions.
  • The limits of stability are then used to calibrate the difficulty of the exercise. Therefore the patient performs a rehabilitation exactly adapted to his capacities. Adapt the rehabilitation to the patient
  • RMFeedback Platform
  • The rehabilitation can be made with diverse categories of exercises, each one allowing a specifie work on mobility and on the control of the movements (stability, weight transfer, double task).
  • With those categories, the exercises proposed in RM.Feedback Platform have three main objectives :
  • lncreasing the limits of stability of the patient: the limit he can bend (i.e. move his center of pressure) without having to move one of his feet.
  • Controlling the movements of the body and thus of the center of pressure so the movements of the patient are the most controlled as possible.
  • Harmonizing the effects of the rehabilitation on the whole body.