TENS / EMS combo

Product Details

  • Saves in memory the cumulative number of treatments and duration of treatment (PAT.P)
  • Stores and protects programs formulated for each individual patient (PAT.P) — parameters programmed for specific patients are stored in dedicated memory for protection
  • Comes with four separate free program memories (1 for each mode)
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD monitor (46mm x 31mm)
  • Color-coded, easy-to-use operational keys
  • Stimulus-habituation prevention mode — Sweep and Random (sequential) modes
  • Self-test — checks ROM/RAM when the power is turned on
  • In surge (EMS) mode, operators can choose either co-cont or alternate-cont
  • Auto power off — power turns off after 3 minutes unused
  • Key lock — all keys except the lock key and power source key are locked
  • Low battery warning